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Squeebles Addition & Subtraction

Squeebles Addition and Subtraction


The Squeebles want to take part in the Squeeble-cart rally but the Maths Monster has stolen all the cars and he'll only give them back if you can do well in addition and subtraction questions. There are 4 difficulty levels, plenty of rewards and 24 Squeebles to collect.

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Screenshot 5 - Squeebles Addition and Subtraction

About This App

One of the key building blocks of numeracy at primary school are the number bonds (sometimes also called addition facts).

These are simple additions with answers between 1 and 20, and the aim is that eventually each child will be able to recall the answers instantly. Knowing that 7 + 8 = 15 will help when adding 8 to any number ending in 7, or when adding 80 to 70, and so on.

This game covers these number bonds as well as larger additions and subtractions featuring numbers up to 1000.

There are 4 difficulty levels (beginner, medium, hard and very hard) available across 5 different game modes (addition, subtraction, random, fill the gaps and tricky questions). This ensures what whatever level your child is at they can benefit from the app - from beginners learning their first number bonds up to 10 to advanced mathematicians! Even adults will find many of the "very hard" level a challenge.

By doing well in their tests, children earn stars which they can trade for squeeble-carts (cars they can use in the app's included Squeeble-cart mini-game). They also earn turns on the Squeeble-cart game by doing well, so their progress in their maths tests is directly related to how much fun they get to have playing Squeeble-cart. There are also 24 Squeebles to rescue from the clutches of the nasty Maths Monster and power-ups to win too.

US and UK English options are available (so the Maths Monster becomes the Math Monster etc.), full stats are available for each child so parents can see how they are doing and unlimited children can be registered with the app, making it just as usable in the classroom as in the home.

As with all our apps, there are no in-app purchases, iAds or web links of any kind so the app is 100% safe for your child.

This app is the successor to our Number Bonds: Squeebles Addition app that was available for iPhone and iPod Touch. As of July 2012, that app is no longer available as it doubled up with a lot of what this app did.

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